Trusted for pest control services in South Burnett

At Patrick Collins Pest Control Service we understand the negative impact pests can have on your property. Our key philosophy is to reduce your stress as fast as possible with advanced pest control services in South Burnett. We are here to help you to create a pest-free environment, so call us today.

Pre-purchase pest and building inspections

Call on Patrick Collins for your pre-purchase timber pest inspection in South Burnett. You will get a fully qualified, hands-on local tradesperson who knows, understands and deals with termites on a daily basis, not just a termite inspector. Feel free to call me to discuss your needs for pest control services.

Pre-construction termite installations

As part of our pest control services, I can perform pre-construction termite installations in new houses, extensions and additions or existing buildings in South Burnett.

Installations are best performed during construction as it allows for termite entry points to be completely sealed off. All work is carried out to the minimum requirement standards of building code compliance, in addition I do highly recommend installing a reticulation system, after installation we can guarantee almost zero risk of termite infestation for the life of your house, as well as lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Years of experience

Pat Collins is the owner and operator of the business. He is proud to offer pest control services throughout South Burnett. As an independent operator he can select from a wide range of quality products that stand the test of time, with 20 years’ experience he has knowledge of various industry products and stays aware of changing regulations and building practices.

Pat studied pest control at Ithaca Tafe in 1992 and qualified for his Government Pest Control Licence in December 1992. Pat has maintained his professionalism by completing numerous trade and training courses within the pest control industry. With prior experience in the building trade you can rest assured your property is in safe hands.

Affordable prices

Another positive side of Patrick Collins Pest Control Service is my attractive pest control prices. We offer an affordable more thorough service to protect your valuable assets in South Burnett using the latest safest products.

We pride ourselves on offering a return policy. If infestation reoccurs at your property and you have followed our recommended integrated pest management plan then we will return to ensure complete pest control. Our return visits are offered at no extra charge. We look forward to helping you with your needs for pest control services in South Burnett.

pest control services underway in South Burnett pest control services being delivered in South Burnett